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Your pumper enters information regarding his wells and leases into the handheld device (tablet) for tank gauges, gas volumes, well troubles, run tickets and water runs, in addition to information about the wells on a lease. Once your pumper is in range of a wireless network, the information is uploaded to the ProductionPro server, where you can view it 24x7 with any desktop or mobile browser. All data is immediately available to your managers so you can act on it to prevent or solve any problems as fast as possible.

Reliable data means timely decisions.

In the oil industry, sometimes days and weeks can pass before field data is available to managers. Pumpers are late with gauge reports and calls go unanswered. Oilfield data reports aren’t standardized and pile up, while important analytics are delayed. Operational issues remain unidentified and unaddressed.

None of this will happen to a company that uses ProductionPro. Instead, field data will be immediately available to your managers, along with 10 types of reports that will be at the fingertips of your pumpers and managers, some of them are modeled after official Taxes Office document forms. Your analytics and decision making will become lightning fast.

Quick and reliable data acquisition means more flexibility. Timely decisions means fewer problems. Fewer problems means higher oil production and better revenues.

Not only does the reporting functionality of ProductionPro make your petroleum business run faster, but also it empowers you to dramatically cut down on the extra costs production problems carry, and never miss a reporting deadline.

Pen and paper reports aren’t always standardized. Finding the right form in the field, filling it, delivering it to the office, and sorting stacks of oilfield reports – all this takes time. However, it’s not an issue with ProductionPro: the pumper doesn’t have to spend time filling forms in the field, and you don’t have to wait until those forms are delivered. With mobile network coverage, data transmission is instant. Without it, the system automatically sends whatever data the pumper has entered to the office the second it’s connected to a WiFi network.

The ProductionPro mobile app works on 4G-LTE compatible tablets which enables all oil and gas production data, run tickets, other dispositions (pulling bottoms), and reports of well and facility problems to be at your fingertips as soon as your pumpers enter it into the easy to use screens on the ProductionPro APP.

Everything you want to know about your business is stored online, so you don’t have to use your own disk space, and you can access any data you want, any moment you want, from any sort of device you want to use that is able to connect to the Internet: a desktop/laptop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

In addition to extensive reports that allow you to view your oil and gas production operations from all possible angles, you also get an easy to use visual aid in the form of illustrative graphic charts you can use in real time in the office or during presentations.

ProductionPro is built with the independent operator in mind based and our experience operating oil and gas wells in the continental United States.

We know the petroleum business. We know your strengths and want to help you capitalize on them. We know what your weak points could be, and, happily, we’ve got you covered. ProductionPro is easy to start using and it lets you easily do things that used to take a lot of your time and waste your money.

ProductionPro is an easy to use mobile application, designed for pumpers, that eliminates the need for paper gauge reports and is accessible by the internet.

There’s exactly one thing your pumper needs to do: enter his data. The app will take care of the rest. Namely, it will upload all data to dedicated servers, make calculations, form reports, follow your progress in solving any problems, and a lot more. It will also remember to send data as soon as possible if there’s a network problem in your oilfield. It’s a load off your mind, and off your pumpers’ minds too.

ProductionPro has canned reports to make tracking production easy.

Many similar programs have reporting functions, so what’s the big deal? Well, it appears that our customers think that ProductionPro is a whole new level in reporting data for hydrocarbon businesses. Check out what they say:

"Accurate, detailed reporting. Variety of reports both on the macro and micro level covering assets as well as production."

"Intuitive, full featured site."

"The mobile app forces good habits for the pumper, and provides a broad scope of information about a specific lease/well/tank."

"[ProductionPro creates a] realistic relationship between assets; the data model matches the working thought process behind lease/well/tank relationships.

"...reporting is so far ahead of its competitors that comparison becomes an exercise in futility."